Snohomish County Asbestos & Lead Removal

These Snohomish County area contractors are licensed and bonded to work in your home or office and remove lead and asbestos. According to the State of Washington : "A contractor in this specialty cleans, handles, repairs, removes, encapsulates, encloses, hauls and disposes of paper or hard block insulation on hot water piping, heating ducts, or as molded pipe fitting insulation and joint compounds on furnaces or floor tiles, sheet flooring, ceiling tiles and acoustical (stucco) finishes or as wall and attic insulation materials, or for shingles or siding material and cement pipes for interior or exterior asbestos or lead products. All asbestos contractors shall adhere to state (DOSH) and/or federal (OSHA) standards regulating all forms of this hazardous material. Asbestos certification per chapter 296-65 WAC is required. Lead abatement certification for workers may be required per chapter 70.103 RCW."

Seattle Abatement Asbestos Co
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